What is BuyNow ?

BuyNow is a function that allowed buyer to place an order and check out easily with a shipping address, email confirmation, and different tracking and confirmation status. It is an option for seller to sell at fixed price. Buyer will be informed via email when the seller has confirmed the shipping charges and final sale price. After buyer have made the payment, he / she have to cofirm the payment details to notify the seller to proceed with shipping.

Please follow the steps below to place an order using BuyNow features:

How to place an order by using "BuyNow" feature (For sale only)
Step 1 : Click on the "Buy Now" in the product posting page

After you click on the "Buy Now", you then have to sign in with your userID and password.

<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/buynowbutton.jpg" border="2">

<img height="195" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_buyer1_2.gif" width="300" border="2">

Step 2 : Fill in the form & click on the "Continue Next"

After you have confirmed your shipping address & selected the mode of payment, click on the "Continue Next" to proceed.

<img height="320" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_buyer2.gif" width="400" border="2">

Step 3 : Click on the "Confirm My Order "

If your information is correct, please click on the "Confirm My order".

<img height="310" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_buyer3.gif" width="400" border="2">

Step 4 : Done

Click on the "Finish"

<img height="117" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_buyer4.gif" width="400" border="2">

Note: After you have place the order. please wait for the seller to confirm your order and setup the bank in information.When the seller have accept your order,you will receive an email from lelong feedback inform you about that.
Please follow the steps below to update your payment details :
How to update the payment details
Step 1 : Access to My BuyNow order - 2 options
Option 1 :
After your seller have confirm the order, please go to your email which asks you proceed to make the payment.

<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/buyer_option1.jpg" border="2">

Option 2 :
You can access to "My BuyNow order" by login to your own account, click on the "All Buying". You then click the "BuyNow - All my Buying" and click on the "Item title".

Please refer to the illustration below: <img height="57" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/bidded.gif" width="457" border="2"> <img height="218" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_order.gif" width="411" border="2"> <img height="99" src="/cms/Resources/ImageLib/buynow_order1.gif" width="400" border="2">

Step 2 : Please enter the payment reference details

You need to update,upload/copy and paste your bank statement to the seller. You are advised  to keep all the information until the transaction is completed.
*At this point you can choose to make a combine payment with the new order which
under the same seller.*

<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/buyer_opt2_step3.gif" border="1">

Step 3 : Wait for the seller reply

You need to wait the seller to confirm the payment and update the shipping
* At this point the seller can choose to make a combine shipping for the items that
buy by the same buyer.*

<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/buyer_opt2_step4.gif" border="1">

Note: The seller can reject your payment if they did not receive your payment. When the seller reject your payment, you will see a notice at the update payment webpage showing that the seller is not receive your payment please check your bank statement and resubmit the payment details. 

<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/buyer_opt2_step5.gif" border="1">
Step 4 : DONE

When the transaction is completed, you can give good rating to your seller.
<img alt="" src="/cms/resources/imagelib/last_both.jpg" border="1">

Click here to knows more about <a class="" href="" target="blank">How to manage my "BuyNow"</a>

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