Identity Verification Process

In order to become a buyer,seller or trading under company name in, you have to verify yourself / company via ouronline identity verification program.( Effective July 1st, 2007, we will move all Identity Verification Online and we no more accepting fax in copy of your IC or any other supporting document.)All verified users will have a special icon ()attached to their User ID in all their trading activities. This serves to tell members that they have been verified by and are serious about trading with other members.

Before you verify your identity ,you need to register as a normal member.The verification take just a few simple steps:

A. Choose the type of verification

1. After sign in ,click Identity Verification.
2. Select the type of verification.

B. Fill in the information

1. Fill in all the information.
2. Kindly provide your home/office number for verification purpose
(Our personnel will call both your office/home number. Please do not worry if you are not at home or in office. We can always talk to people who know you to verified the contact and information.)
3. Click

C.Upload required document

1. Select document type.
2. Click to upload the document file from your computer. (samples of Utility Bill/Support Documents)
3. Click to proceed next step or click if you want upload more documents.

  • RM10 for malaysian/RM20 for singaporean(verification fees is waived for store member)

D. Make verification payment

1. Top Up your iAccount if it is not enough fund for verification fee.(How to top up i-account?)
2. Click to pay the verification fee.

  • If you are a new member, you need to top up your iaccount first before proceed to step 4. After you had top up your iaccount, you need to resign-in your lelong account and continue your verification process from step 3.*

E. Check list and Submit request verification
1. Tick the verification request check list.
2. Write remark(if any)to clarify your verification.
3. Click

4. A Verification Request Accepted message will come out if successfully submit the verification request.
5. After we confirm you meet all the necessary criteria such as MyKad, payment, call has been done, and all necessary document are in place, and satisfied with the authentication, we will upgrade your status within 2 business days.

However, if our personnel have any doubt on your identity, they may required further document from you.

If they do not have your cooperation or fail to authenticate your ID, we will refund you the RM10.00 verification fee and will not verified your ID, and we will proceed to closed your account immediately to safe guard our trading community from any potential harmful activities.

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